• The Emerald Nightmare

    The Emerald Nightmare

    Our current progress:

    Normal: 7/7
    Heroic:  7/7

  • Application form is up!

    Application form is up!

    You can now apply to Infection using our application form. Make a forum account if you want to keep track of your application

  • Forum is Live

    Forum is Live

    We got our forum up and running, still some minor changes need to be made

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Infection is currently recruiting

We are looking for dedicated players willing to spend the time required to help the guild progress in the upcomming Legion raids. You can find the classes we are recruiting in the box below.

Don't worry if a spot is closed: applications of exceptional players will be considered regardless.

About Infection

Infection is a PvE based guild. Our main goal is to have a group of skilled raiders, capable of coping with whatever Blizzard throws at us. We are a friendly and fun guild that tries to have decent progress while at the same time not being a hardcore guild.
The core of this guild is build on friendship. Many of our players know each other in real life and with that it brings a family-like atmosphere.


  • The Emerald Nightmare
  • Trials of Valor
Nythendra strategy guide
Nythendra is a good starter requiring little gear and mechanical skill. icy veins guide
Elerethe Renferal strategy guide
We suggest tackling Elerethe Renferal after killing Nythendra. icy veins guide
Il'gynoth strategy guide
Next your raid will take on Il'gynoth. This is a bit more challenging. icy veins guide
Ursoc strategy guide
Depending on your raid's overall DPS you can engage Ursoc before the other bosses. icy veins guide
The Dragons of Nightmare strategy guide
The Dragons of Nightmare make up the fifth boss in the Emerald Nightmare Raid Instance. icy veins guide
Cenarius strategy guide
Cenarius is a very chaotic fight, with lots of different types of adds, that must be properly handled in order to defeat this boss.
Xavius strategy guide
Finally, your raid can face Xavius. This is an fairly long and tedious encounter.
Odyn strategy guide
Odyn is the first encounter of the Trials of Valor.
Guarm strategy guide
Guarm is the second encounter of the Trials of Valor.
Helya strategy guide
Helya is the final encounter of the Trials of Valor.